Girish a.k.a Southern Dragon,
& welcome to my website!

I'm a curious naturalist interested in all creatures great and small.

Girish Kumar G. S. (a.k.a Southern Dragon)

I am a naturalist interested in all creatures great and small. Pokémon was perhaps the greatest inspiration during my childhood which drew me toward plants and animals!

In Bangalore, rare though it is, there is a reserve forest right next to my school, which I spent a lot of time exploring. Taking great joy in the oddest of things that the forest could offer from tiny lantana fruits and self-burial grass seeds to scary spiders and mongooses. I continued this in high school and started butterfly watching during my bachelor's (I can still identify more Pokémons than butterflies, XD). In my master's, I got to study the visual pathway in bird brains, which then piqued my interest in neuroscience. I then decided to go down a path that combines the two of my interests, insects and neurobiology.

Currently, I am a graduate student at the Insect Flight Lab, National Center for Biological Sciences, Bangalore working on a project where I study the jumping strategies across insects and study how they control their jumps.

I ate some wild fruits and it turns out that it stains your tongue purple! And not to mention the fruits were incredibly delicious. The fruits are of Melastoma malabathricum from Agumbe, Karnataka, India.

P. C.- Ganesh Ram

Disclaimer- The above is not a mathematically accurate diagram.

What's the deal with "Southern Dragon" and the snake-like logo you ask!?

All of this began with one of the greatest shows I've come across, Avatar the Last Airbender! The fantasy world of bending elements i.e., being able to fling rocks and move water to breathe fire and blow gales. Since the day I watched this show in my childhood, I've always been daydreaming about bending elements. As I grew up I also started drawing inspiration from the characters from the show in my life. One of them being Uncle Iroh or General Iroh, General of the Fire Nation Army, the Crown Prince of the Fire Nation (formerly), the Dragon of the West, the Grand Lotus of the Order of the White Lotus, and the finest tea maker in Ba Sing Se [1,2]. He's pretty badass for an old guy!

Unlike in Kung Fu Panda where Master Oogway immediately struck me as an inspirational character, General Iroh's influence was gradual. And the whimsical part of me also wanted a cool title like that of Iroh's, "The dragon of the west". For brevity's sake and to make it sound catchy I thought of Northern, Eastern, and Southern Dragon, Southern Dragon sounded cool, so I named myself that! It's not yet a title but I hope it becomes one.

Oh, and the logo! Well, I was always fascinated by dragons and if I ever were to be a dragon, I would be the kind without wings and arms, very similar to the dragon of Dragon Ball Z. And I always wanted a logo of mine, who doesn't? And yeah, it's not a SNAKE!

Yeah, yeah! I can get too full of myself at times. :p

Revelation! or disappointment?

  • Hatred would be too extreme of an emotion but I don't like travelling.

  • I suck at cooking but I love NOODLES!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I find plants very fascinating and appealing, especially wild fruits and flowers, I would eat them without a moment's notice! Luckily I'm still alive!

  • I like getting stung, by ants, wasps, stinging nettles ... etc., with the exception of jellyfish and stingrays. XD

  • I think I am a hypochondriac.

  • I dabble in some digital art and I am very very fussy about it.

  • I own a kalimba but I can't play it. -_-

  • I fall in the bin of 'Otaku'! :P

  • If you haven't watched Avatar the last Airbender, WATCH IT!

  • And I am not well-read! :(

My strength lies with/in the people around me, if not all of it, then certainly a great deal of it!
- Southern Dragon